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Meet Anastasia and Learn Her Story

 My name is Anastasia and I am a certified yoga instructor. I have received my certification from Jeannine Bush Clinton, who is the owner of Essencia Yoga in Wheaton, IL. I am coming from the Sivananda Lineage of yoga instructors whose teachings emphasize combining all yoga paths into one—the Yoga of Synthesis. My style of teaching embodies various techniques that makes yoga accessible to all. I follow Sivanada’s simple motto: “Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize."

Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey, or are experienced in yoga, pranayama, and meditation, I am delighted to welcome you and share the gift of yoga! When I started my yoga practice in 2000, it was mostly as a way to learn something new that would challenge my body. However, over the years, practicing asanas (yoga postures) began to teach me a lot about myself. I enjoy an active lifestyle and was involved in gymnastics, body building, Martial Arts, and running. I always used yoga as a nice supplement to my workouts, stretching at the beginning and relaxing at the end, never thinking of yoga as a practice in itself. 

In 2012, I sustained a hip and a back injury and was told that I cannot continue my active lifestyle. This was an unbearable diagnosis! Having used to exert a certain amount of energy every day, my body was craving physical activity, and because it could not find an outlet for all that energy, I started feeling agitated, stressed, unhappy, and I fell into a deep state of depression. In my darkest times, yoga came to my rescue. Practicing healing meditation and restorative yoga on a regular basis helped to heal my body in record time! However, the true magic happened inside of me. Yoga deeply penetrated my heart allowing me to feel the union between my body, breath, and mind. It transformed my life completely, culminating into internal peacefulness, healthy body, and clarity of mind. I would like to invite you on this incredible yoga journey with me to experience the true magic of personal transformation for yourself! 


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